Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mr. Double Digits...

Drake and his beloved "Bear"
Drake at just a few weeks old
Drake blowing out his candles

Okay, thinking about putting together this post makes me feel old! My oldest son Drake Earl Lamb turns 10 today at exactly 8:48pm. On this day 10 years ago Drake was born in the Dixie Regional Medical Center by c-section. This is because about a week before he was born he decided that he was going the "wrong way" and turned himself completely upside down. Not to be deterred, Drake decided to make his appearance in the world about 3 weeks early and "breech"! Actually, this says quite a bit about Drake who doesn't let anyone sway his way of thinking, always making up his own mind about the world! I have to work early all this week, so we decided to celebrate yesterday. We had a good time at Jumpin' Jacks, a place filled with giant slides and bounce houses. The kids love it! Then we came back home and met up with Grandma Brenda and Grandpa Dick for pizza and cupcakes and opening up of the presents. Grandma Jan spoiled him completely by buying him a Wii to help with his coordination, and eye tracking. (Both of which he could use some improvement on) Lee and I got him games for the Wii and clothes and Grandma and Grandpa Nelson got him his favorite book. (Diary of a Wimpy Kid, that is=0) All in all, I think he had a good time!=0) I personally can't believe that it was ten years ago since he was so little! Happy Birthday sonny boy! You make your Mom smile, just knowing that you are and that I have you to love!=0)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Adree Elizabeth

This post is being dedicated to my only daughter Adree Elizabeth. =0) Adree is 8 and is in the third grade at Dixie Downs Elem. where she takes both English and Spanish classes. This is a picture of the painting she painted yesterday. She loves to paint, draw, color, make things out of clay and bugs me to do something creative anytime she has any free time!=0) Adree has recently started taking the missionary discussions with the intent to get baptized. She never ceases to amaze me, with her outgoing personality and not one ounce of shyness. I work every Sunday during the time she is supposed to be in church and a ward member picks her up every week and takes her to church with them. Always eager to go, she has several friends and loves the opportunity to worship along with them. I honestly cannot take her anyplace, be it McDonalds, the park, Wal-Mart, out for a walk, without her stopping to talk to someone she knows! I have yet to figure out how she meets so many people, I just don't think she has ever met a stranger!=0) An avid reader she reads on a fifth grade level and is always willing to help her little brother read when I ask. She wants to learn how to make anything I cook for them and is attending a sewing club at school. Even as a baby, Adree was not happy unless she had an activity to keep her occupied and was very upset until she learned to walk and crawl after her brother Drake. I actually remember having to hold her and walk behind Drake on the playground equipment, before she could walk, just so she could feel like she was playing too. The perfect combination of athlete and princess, there hasn't been a sport she didn't want to play or a frilly dress she didn't want to wear while doing so! She helps me out so much being the only other female and outnumbered by guys, with picking up and making sure everyone is staying on task! (no easy feat!) Adree, Mommy and Lee love you so much! Thank you for the opportunity I've been given to be your Mom.=0)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

29 forever just like me!=0)

On April 21st, 1980 in the Page Hospital during a freak snowstorm (according to Mom that is!) was born my favorite sister!=0) (not just only, mind you!) Sharing a room when we were little and flushing all the scary toilets for her was the least I could do! Constant playmate and fellow trustee in the care of our little brother was always the norm until we grew up and had kids of our own. My friend and confidant, my hero and guide, my sister and wait...hey I feel a silly poem coming on...Hey sis, you're a fish
lying in a dish, with only one wish
to be a cow, pulling a plow
and then you'd say wow!
my wish came true! oh, how time flew
since you were two! Now I must end this rhyme,
because it is time, now life is sublime!
No worries, so you're a year older! You are finally to the year where you get to stop aging! "Mommy, how old are you?" , you'll be asked and you get to say "29". Another year will pass and the same question will arise "Mommy how old are you?" "29", you'll say. "Nuh, uh!" you'll hear, but it will not matter because now you'll get to be
29 forever. =0) Well, until your kids get that old then you'll have to add 10 years!=0) Happy Birthday, sissy! I'm glad I have you, I'm glad you are 29 forever just like me!=0)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

"Wet Ones"

Even Lee joined in the fun!
The kids with the hose

They got me wet too!
I think Lee was enjoying this!

Remember how much it was as a kid to run around the backyard drenching your friends with the garden house? I do! Actually, our favorite summer past time while Mom was at work was drenching our trampoline and then moving it to the dining room window, where we would jump out of it and onto a very wet, bouncy trampoline! Lee, Me, and the kids were playing soccer in the backyard and some how the hose got turned on and everyone ended up very wet, even Me and Lee! It has been an unusually long winter here in St. George. I know I'm a weakling and it was never colder than 40 or high 30's, but when you're used to a fair amount of mild winter days and we only really had a handful this year, you tend to notice! How much fun was that to finally enjoy the land of the infinite sun, tons! I mean it!=0)

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Okay, just so everyone has fair warning, the picture for this post reveals some of the not so fashionable looks of the past! Well, except for Jamie, she looks exactly the same! I was looking through one of my photo albums I put together as teenager, for a different picture actually, and I stumbled across this one. I believe it was taken in a photo booth in the Mall in Flagstaff and Holly Jamie and I were 12 and 13 I think. Making it 1991 most likely! The big, crispy, spiral permed hair on me and an entire mouth full of braces was a fairly prominent look I carried until the end of eighth grade when I still had the braces, but cut off most of my hair....probably not the best idea...=0) Holly, when I got glasses a couple of years later they were twice as big, I promise! I ran across one of those pictures as well! Um...too embarrassing to post though...sorry! However it is possible Jamie, I don't think has changed at all! I just wanted to thank both of you for being my pals growing up in the sink hole (yes, I can think of worse, it's not G-rated though) with me!=0) This has been fun blogging and seeing what your families are up too! I really don't retain friends (other than co-workers) that well with work and moving almost 20 times in the last 13 years, so this has been great! Thanks for more than you know!=0)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The silly things our kids do...

Okay, I'll admit it I am not what others might call "normal"! I have more than my fair share of quirks, idiosyncrasies, and personality defects...this being said my kids never cease to amaze me with the silly things they do and laugh about on a daily basis! I mean this picture of Seth is the silliest picture I think I've ever seen! I guess his sister did that to him and that sent him upstairs for me to see ( and laugh at!) We watched the movie "Bedtime Stories" last night as a family and every time Skeeter's (Adam Sandler) cell phone rang, yelling "Ring Ring!", "Ring Ring!", "Ahhhhh!!" my kids started rolling in hysterics! What a bunch sillies! What a blessing it is for us to be stewards of these little people to watch them grow into the adults, I know I have become, with the quirks, idiosyncrasies, and personailty defects that make me the silly I was and still am!=0) Ahhhhhh!!!=0)

Monday, April 13, 2009

So, the Easter Bunny did his thing=0)

How much fun that was to take the entire (all of it in fact!) weekend off and go to my folks house in Page? Loads! I mean it!=0) My Mom mentioned about a month ago that my sister and her family were coming out to her house for Easter weekend so, I told her I wanted to come too!=0) Now her house isn't the biggest and Lee was supposed to come also and I rented a hotel room for us to stay in.He ended up having to work and I got the hotel room all to myself (that rocked!). Not that I mind staying at her house it was just so nice to have a bed to sleep in! My allergies appreciated not sleeping in all the dog fuzz as well. One of the pitfalls of having three dogs in the house...anyway...We had a good time with Grandma Jan making Easter cookies (see littlelockards for recipe) and dyeing Easter eggs and enjoying each other's company. We all went to church at 8am Easter Sunday (quite a feat with 6 little ones 10 and under!) and had Crock pot Ham (see littlelockards for this recipe also!) and turkey for dinner, actually I think the kids had more candy then dinner, oh well! So, the Easter Bunny did its thing...well, for Cara's kids anyway! My 3 are officially no fun anymore and don't believe in the lop eared, candy leaving menace anymore. Oh well, it was fun to watch my little nieces be so excited! I hope that everyone else had a fab Easter! Boing...boing...boing...=0)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What is Celiac's?

Okay, for those of you who don't know that my Lee has something called Celiac's or Celiac's disease. People who have Celiac's have an intolerance to gluten, wheat, rye, barley. Eating things that contain gluten (it's used as a filler in some things and is in all wheat products) causes cramps, bloating, stomach-aches, and bleeding. People with Celiac's have to avoid anything with gluten in it. This isn't as easy as you would think. Anything that is manufactured on the same equipment as wheat or sometimes even if it is made in the same facility can cause a reaction. Extra care has to be taken to make sure you read all the ingredients in everything that you are going to eat and you also have to be smarter than the not so honest manufacturers. Some food makers name ingredients something else so, if you're not paying attention, you can make a person with Celiac's ill. Unfortunately, Lee had Celiac's for a lot of years without knowing and in the late stages you can develop an allergy to dairy. This makes feeding him very tricky! Actually, at the moment our house we live in has two kitchens- his and mine and the kid's. This helps significantly, but won't always be possible as we move on. Luckily, Lee loves rice and vegetables and corn and they make gluten free bread and soy ice cream! We just eat pizza when he's not home, it makes him sad!=0( Want more info? Check this link http://www.celiac.org/index.php

Friday, April 3, 2009

Love ya Mom and Dad

This post is dedicated to my favorite parents, yes my only, but still my favorite! Yesterday was their 32nd anniversary and honestly they are just the best! Supportive and loving and always there for me and my sis and bro. I couldn't have picked out better parents if I had had as say in the matter! They met on a blind date set up by my Uncle Ken and were married within just months and have been together since! This pic is them at their beloved cabin at the ranch. They spend all their spare time there working on it and relaxing from hectic and stressful lives. Mom and her church work, hobbies, grandchildren, and job at the animal hospital. Dad and his guns, dogs, handy-work, work at the NGS power plant, and general knowledge of everything. Mom and Dad you are the best! Thank you for everything you do for Me, Cara and Sterling! The older I get having children of my own and going through all the trials and hardships that go along with life, you both have been my rock and constant light. I am truly blessed to be your daughter, thank you!