Monday, December 28, 2009

Wow! What a busy Holiday! =0)

Look at my fantastic new kitchen! What cooking I've done in it so far, has been great!
Adree's artistic ability shines with her nifty new easel!
The kids ended up with several new games for their various game systems...this is Drake and Adree enjoying Boom Blox for the Wii
Seth playing with his Nintendo DS lite he received for his birthday on the 27th
I can't believe my baby is now 7! Where did the time go?
Seth and my nephew Gavin tearing up the track on Mario Kart for the Wii =0)
Aww, yes that is Sterling under all the hair! I love it! =0)
Grandma Jan and Grandpa Lloyd with all 6 of their grand kids...
Well, if that isn't a bunch of trouble makers...ha!
Puppy's idea of a good Christmas...
Drake working on his new Lego set...
Seth working on making a huge mess after opening presents! =0)
Adree creating a masterpiece with her easel...
Lee teasing Puppy by not getting right up to get him his morning treat...
and so the chaos began....

For those of you that have been brave enough to sift through all the pictures to get down to the text part of the blog, my congratulations are with you! We have been one very busy bunch of hooligans! =0) We somehow packed Christmas, a family get together, and Seth's birthday all into the span of just three days...whew!=0) Yes, and this was all accomplished with me working two of the three of them.=0)
I loaded the pictures in order of most recent back to Christmas, so I guess I'll start with Sethee's birthday...poor thing has a birthday just two day's after Christmas and no, Mom is never prepared until the day before. Christmas is just nice enough to hog up so many resources!=0) Crazy to think that my baby is now 7! Of course he'll still be my baby when he's 70...but that's neither here nor there.=0) He wanted a Nintendo DS for his birthday (Adree got one for her birthday, so of course...) he got one in red his favorite color.=0) Along with a game from Mom and another game from Grandma and Grandpa and enough birthday money from Lee and Auntie Cara to buy another, I think he's set for a while! =0) I try to make sure to make it fun and not wrap any of his presents in Christmas paper, but it always seems to take several days for all the things that go along with birthdays to be accomplished. ( There's that silly Christmas hogging all the resources again!) He wants to go to Jumping Jax (a place full of bounce houses and slides) and we won't even have time for that until tomorrow! We had chocolate cake with vanilla rainbow chip frosting and turkey burgers for lunch before I had to go to work. I'm glad he's so easy going and easy to please!=0) Happy Birthday to my little man! =0)
On Saturday after Christmas we had a bit of a family get together at our new house, yay! Mom and Dad and Cara and Nathan and their three and Sterling all came. This doesn't happen very often (where we all get together) it was short but sweet, and fun to all be together!=0) We all had sandwiches for lunch and opened presents from the gift exchange and the kids opened all their presents from Grandma and Grandpa and Aunties and Uncles. Cara put together a DVD of pictures of Mom and Dad when they were young, as well as, all of us kids growing up. We had a great time laughing and remembering all the silly things in the pictures, the bad clothes, hair, etc.=0) My niece Ainsley spent the night with us on Adree's bottom bunk and although it was short, I thought it was fun!=0) We didn't get to have a family talent show like we wanted, but I guess we'll have to do it next year.=0)
Christmas was spent opening presents, cleaning up the house for the next day and me working for part of the evening. I got a new dresser, Lee got an ottoman and clothes and a new trimmer, the kids got a trampoline from Santa, Drake and Seth got a Wii game and Lego's and clothes/shoes books... (lots of things of course!) Adree got an easel which she has put to good use already, a vintage Rainbow Bright doll, clothes/Heely's...etc.=0) Quiet together as a family, just the way it should be!=0)
And before all the chaos of the holiday, I got my kitchen completely put together and clean! It is truly a dream to work in, I keep telling Lee if I didn't have to work, I would cook for him all the time and I truly wouldn't's great! I don't even mind cooking after being at work all day and that's saying something! Ha! =0)
Like I said, it was a whirlwind of a holiday, but it was fun and I'm sooo glad it's over! I mean Wow! What a busy holiday!=0)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It's starting to feel like home...

Lee's record award wall in his office
The office put together finally...
My dining room...
Most likely the only time the boy's bedroom will be clean the entire Christmas break!
Grandma Brenda and Grandpa Dick opening presents with the kids before trekking north for the Holiday...

Alright, as you can see I've been slowly making progress in the unpacking front! This has been a slow process with working, the kid's being out of school and me attempting to be ready for Christmas! I actually just got finished shopping yesterday, horrible for someone who usually gets started in October! Oh, well!
Lee's office turned out every bit as nice as we imagined, after just working out of the dining room in the condo, Lee is ecstatic to have his own dedicated work space (of course I am too!). The feature wall with the record awards (some are even his own) turned out great! We continued the very masculine travel theme he had in the condo and it looks very rich and appropriate.
My dining room with the laminated table cloth (a must with kids) and the wipe able place mats not only look nice, are extremely practical! I still need to rescue our very large and beautiful mirror with the metal scroll work to hang in the space, but it looks great so far.
The boys bedroom need their blue and turquoise curtains hung back up, as well as, their posters put back up and their room is complete.=0) I know it will not stay clean, but at least the door shuts right? =0) The kitchen is finished and put together, but I have been attempting to do a little holiday goody making so it wasn't clean enough for a picture just yet! =0)
We love our new house and look forward to making many, many years of memories watching our children grow...Merry Christmas to you and yours for the members of the Lambsfold!=0)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas happenings

Merry Christmas from the Lambsfold!
Adree playing the "Deck the Halls" at her Choir/Orffestra concert
Adree enjoying the rare Dixie snow...
Drake and Seth flinging snow balls....
Pretty site to wake up to this morning

My Christmas tree turned out nice=0)
Adree posing with her xylophone at her Christmas concert

Okay, my apologies for the pictures being all out of order! Blogger isn't uploading very well today...Anyway, here's a few pictures from the goings on in the Lambsfold!
We woke up to rare snowfall this morning! Dixie is known for it's 60 degree winter temperatures in the winter and definitely not for its snow! The kid's have been outside enjoying it, you know the whole 2-3 inches of it! If it warms up at all today it will be gone before afternoon.
I went ahead at set up my Christmas tree in my guest room at the front of the house. The door closes to keep people out, you can see it from the street and seeing as though we haven't had time for lights this year that will have to do! =0)
Adree and her choir and Orffestra (they play drums, percussion, xylophones) had a concert on Thursday, they did great! I love the music program they have a their school, it really has been fun to watch them learn instruments and harmonies in singing!=0)
We're looking forward to Christmas here at our new house and Season's Greetings from the Lambsfold! =0)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I don't get it...

I have yet to be able to understand the necessity people feel to live their lives with so much negativity. I mean, come on $#!* happens, why do you think that gives you license to go on and on and on about it? I am a realist and don't think of the proverbial glass as half full or half empty, it's just half a glass. I know bad stuff is going to happen, I don't look at the world through rose colored glasses. I also don't automatically think that the worst is going to happen either. I've lived through a lot of bad things in my life, but I don't dwell on them. I just look toward the future and live my life on day at a time and deal with the mishaps as they happen. I suffered abuse at the hand of someone who promised to take care of me and love me. I wished to take my own life to escape my abuser, until I decided I couldn't let him win. I lost custody of my kids for almost two years and had to fight to gain it back. I have been extremely poor and hungry and I have been alone and lost as well. I was teased and tormented for years just for not fitting in very well. I was taken advantage of and left to fend for myself. I have made many, many mistakes and I'm sure I will make many, many more...I just can't bring myself to hate, to wallow, to regret, or to feel sorry for myself in any way. I'm not going around saying that I haven't done any of the things, I have just moved on. Why dwell on the negative? I mean complaining about a situation or a mishap or bad thing that has happened to you isn't going to make it go away. I don't get it...

Sunday, December 6, 2009

As we settle in...=0)

The view from my couch this evening...
Stars in the entry...
Well, I have one room completed...

I'll bet you can't guess who's room that is...=0)
A shot of the clean part of the kid's bathroom!
A sample of the master bath as well...

Lee's office is going to be great all finished!

Well, talk about long time no blog! With moving and working and running kids around and catching a cold and what not...I've had a bit of a hard time finding a minute to myself long enough to blog! Well, all that and the fact that I haven't been able to get a certain someone to set my computer back up for me...=0P So, seeing as though he has ditched me for the moment and ran to Home Depot for some clips to hang Christmas lights from, I decided I should take a minute to snap a few pictures and type a quick note!=0) I know there are just a few pictures, but I still have several rooms full of boxes that I've been trying to clear out and put away. The one room I've managed to finish completely has been Adree's room and I imagine the Boy's room will be the next. It's just soooo much nicer when I don't have to get up early every single morning to just to try to find clothes for them to wear!
So, far I just love the house, the neighborhood, the whole shebang! A couple of minor things I've noticed or had to deal with...The hot water didn't work in the kids shower and the first bath they had here involved Mom dumping warm water from the sink into the tub. Yeah, they weren't too impressed! We ran the dishwasher on Thanksgiving for the first time and discovered that it's much more effective if you turn the water on to it first! Nothing like steamed, dirty dishes! The shower head in the master shower is really crappy and will need to be replaced and no matter how many times we reset the thermostat it reverts back to 60 degrees in the evening and if you forget to reset it before bed, you freeze! Although it's nice that it automatically goes up to 70 for a couple of hours in the morning around 6... so, at least it's warm enough to get out of bed! It's a big house! If you forget something clear on the other side of the house, you have to really want it bad to walk all the way back for it!
I'll keep taking pictures and posting them as I get rooms finished and we sure are looking forward to making memories and watching the kids grow up here...warms thoughts and wishes from the Lambsfold as we settle in...=0)