Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm not cool...

Shocker, yes I know, but true none-the-less. I'm not concerned with the latest trends in fashion or what is "in" on the political scene. I'm much happier with dressing in what I like and what looks good on me than what everyone else seems to be wearing. Even if my wardrobe consists of men's sweaters and converse sneakers, with the ugliest socks you've ever seen...and it's a rare day that you'll find me without some bright color on as well. Obama, love him or hate him or follow the advice of your church leaders and support makes no difference to me. My concern is for my family who I draw close to me and prepare for times rougher than today's, not in yelling louder than the opposition's leaders.
I don't have great things to say and no one admires my wit, but I remain happy in my skin and laugh the loudest at my own jokes. I'm happy with life in general and I really am overly opinionated on many subjects. I just have learned over the years that it's only worth making your opinions known if you want to hear everyone else yell theirs back to try to change yours. I have found over the years that I have a tendency to be quite cynical. I have had a few rough years to wade through and emerged relatively unscathed...other than not much shocks me any more! I don't live a sheltered life myself, but try to keep my kids sheltered. I don't want them growing up knowing that there is a lot of bad in the world and to be afraid of their own shadows...I try very hard to let them be kids and imagine and play and when something happens that they question, I am honest with them. I never want any of them to grow up thinking, why didn't Mom tell me this? I want them to be independent and able to fend for themselves.
I laugh at myself daily and I'm not concerned with general public's opinion of me. I'm a klutz and I'm quirky, I make messes and I think strange things are funny. As a child I was always so concerned with whether or not people liked me and I was always so afraid I would mess up someplace. So much in fact that I really let those things hold me back and missed out on just having fun, not anymore. I'm not perfect, I will never can take me or leave me, I'll just remain to be me.
So, I'm not cool...I don't wish to be. I'm the converse wearing, glasses faced, freckly, bright colors loving, opinionated, well-read, Mom driving the mini-van with the snoopy decals. The same Mom who loves her kids and wishes them to be the very best adults possible so they can make a difference in the world. Of course in the meantime, I'll be watching them making a boat out of a cardboard box in the yard as they imagine a vast sea full of pirates and white-capped waves lapping at the oar made out of a broom...before jumping on to the trampoline to make their escape. =0)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Adree and Seth jumping...=0)
Of course, since Lee put the majority of it together he had to be sure to jump first!
Sethee and Mom jumped while Adree laughed...=0)

As you can see the before mentioned Christmas present, finally made its way out of the box and into the yard!=0) After the kids bugging Lee for many weekends to put their trampoline together, he finally complied Sunday and got to work! =0) Christmas was mega-busy, I worked, had company, celebrated Seth's birthday and then it was cold and soggy and we're still working on cleaning out the condo....So, as you can tell we've not really had the opportunity to put it up! =0) What great fun though! Cara, Sterling and I spent hours and hours taking turns on our trampoline, camping out on it, getting it wet so it would be super springy, pushing it up to the dining room window so we could jump out of the window on to it...ha! =0) Having our own house with our own yard has made many things possible! =0) Adree and Seth jumped on it until well after dark and Mom insisted that they come back in.=0) It is a good thing they jumped on it for a really long time that night because the weather has been very damp the last few days and promises to stay this way the rest of the week...=0) I'm looking forward to watching my kids grow up here in our new house, yard, town, and opportunity! =0) Growing and bouncing along....Boing....Boing....Boing...=0)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rolling along in 2010 =0)

My new "Mom-mobile" =0)
Seth took this pic of me at Pioneer Park yesterday...
Actual furniture in the Formal Living room =0)
My new Family Room furniture! =0)

All of the trouble makers in Pioneer Park...=0)

Why is it that when you are a kid the time seems to drag, but the second you hit adult-hood an entire month can go by and you don't even notice! Ha! =0) Keeping busy never seems to be problem when it comes to being a parent...=0)
Well, I got a new (to me) car this weekend! =0) Lee must have finally gotten tired of me complaining about the PT cruiser, the lack of space, endless trips to the shop, the black with black interior in the summer (and the kids, it constantly looks filthy!) and he got me me a new van. =0) I know you're not supposed to be excited about getting a new "Mom-mobile", but as far as mini-vans go this one is great! I actually had the same model (just 6 years older and with 100,000+ miles on it) and I enjoyed it. The space was good, the gas-mileage was decent, it was way comfy to ride in, it was just kind of a lemon. The transmission blew, I replaced the battery twice in it in just a couple of years, I replaced the timing belt, the water pump, several different sensors, the brakes, shocks, and when I finally sold it the heater core was going out on it. As well as, multiple other things I'm sure I blocked out on purpose.=0) It was getting ridiculous to maintain and my folks helped me out by getting the PT to drive when the kids came back to live with me. I like the PT, it's fun to drive, it is extremely impractical for the way we live and the kids are just not getting any smaller!=0) Even trying to stuff groceries in it was a pain, that and it has been in the shop itself multiple times this year and has cost me a lot to keep it running (it only has 69,000 miles on it), so this seemed like the best solution.=0) 29,000 miles, DVD player, dual automatic sliding doors, super comfy 8 seats, all the bells and whistles.=0) Yep, for a "Mom-mobile", this will do! =0)
I finally have furniture in my Formal Living room! So, I seem to making progress in the putting the house together front!=0) I had actually purchased new furniture for the Family Room and it took forever to get in (I bought it over Thanksgiving weekend), so long in fact they had to deliver it for free. It pays to be patient! =0) I love the great over sized comfy sofa, love seat, and chair and a half (all for $1300 so you can't beat the price!). We took the couch and love seat Lee bought and put them in the Formal Living room, which they look very nice just off the entry.=0) Just need a rug, coffee table, and I need to rescue my piano from Page and that room should be done. The Family Room needs a coffee table, end tables, and that should be about it for now. Of course they all need to be decorated with art, pictures and what not, but it definitely feels like home.=0)
I finally found the time to get my hair cut yesterday and it turned out pretty good.=0) Of course I spend most of the time with it pulled back and under a hat for work, but the rare times I get to fix it, it'll will be nice!=0)
It seems the year is rolling along nicely and I'm looking forward to it as well! You know those rare times I get to do something besides going to work, dropping of kids, picking up kids, buying groceries with all of the kids (blech!), cleaning up after kids or Lee or the dog, doing the dishes, the laundry, locating lost objects, articles of clothing, and my mind! Ha! =0)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Resolve to live resolution free...

I know that it is a common tradition among my fellow Americans, to ring in the New Year with a resolution or two. Resolutions can range in anything from weight loss, quitting of a bad habit, improving a situation or what not. I see nothing wrong with the idea of improving yourself in any form, what I question is the feeling of guilt we seem to place along with the resolution when you fail to meet your goal. I also find the idea of a yearly resolution self-defeating. I mean what if you fail to meet your goal? Do you feel worthless, hopeless, or any way bad about yourself? I didn't lose that 15 lbs. and I haven't been able to quit smoking, I must somehow be less of a person because of so. Okay, perhaps this kind of eternal dialogue doesn't exist in most people, but the guilt does I'm sure. So this year, as in the rest of my 30 something years on this planet, I resolve to live resolution free. I won't promise to attain some unattainable goal and I won't feel guilty in the least when I fail to do so either. So know if you happen to ask, "What's your New Years resolution?" The answer will remain the same, "I don't believe in them, they are self-defeating and a waste of time." So there, take that guilt. You have no power here. =0)