Saturday, May 28, 2011

Outta trouble

How's that adage go? Being busy keeps you out of trouble? Yep. Well, if that's the case, then I shouldn't be in trouble for a really long time to come! I couldn't believe it when I looked at my lengthy blog list and saw that it's been a month since I blogged here! Although, I understand about busy! Let me recap what's gone on this month:
Adree and her team won their final soccer game and she was just a little sad to see the end of the season. She had a really great time learning to play a sport and and on a team and she is looking forward to next year already! She has tried to convince me to let her play Fall soccer too, but I think Seth should have a turn instead! ;0)

With a wish and a puff  Drake blew out all his candles on his birthday brownies and welcomed his 12th year. He only asked for DS games (of course) and Mom obliged and maybe sneaked a few clothes in there as well. Lee surprised him with a new bike too, he loved it! I can't believe he's so old...because I'm so young still, right? Haha, never mind that my gray hairs are telling me otherwise! ;0P
After losing the fight with a broken washing machine, Lee cut his tendon (controlling his middle finger) 90% of the way through. Ouch! This all occurred on the day before his birthday too (bummer). He had surgery to repair it and has spent the last 3 weeks taking it relatively easy and recuperating. Other than announcing that making spaghetti one handed really sucks (more on that in a minute) , he has done all right. He's still repairing computers, and has needed a little help closing/opening things and whatnot. Poor baby, it'll be better soon. ;0(

Now why he was making spaghetti's because I was at work! Yep, I'm officially employed again! Now you know why I've been MIA? Ha! I love it! I get to talk to people all day about the good stuff above. I couldn't be happier! ;0)

Adree and her friends got to participate in the Hershey Track meet after placing first in the 4x100 meter relay at their school. They did really well at the Hershey meet and were able to place 4th overall! She loves participating in team activities and hasn't found a sport she didn't want to try. Good job girls!

This little monkey was able to master a skill that had alluded him so far. He refused to learn for so long, that he actually outgrew his little bike! Being the good Mom that I am, I told him I would not buy him a new bike unless he could figure out how to ride that one really well. Needless to say, he has a new bike now. Stinker! ;0)

Thanks to Grandpa, Seth was able to participate in the pinewood derby as well! Lee had every intention of helping him with his car, until he injured himself that is. Tsk...tsk...thank goodness for Grandpas, right?! Seth painted his car half green and half red with a yellow stripe down the middle. He also put and "8" on each side and dubbed it the Super 8! We glued on a Lego man driver and pennies for weight and he came in first in a couple of his heats! He was so excited (obviously)!

What kind of crazy cat survived the hippies and goes really fast? A '68 Cougar of course! Lee's classic car has made an appearance again and is drivable and a source of great enjoyment! We spent all weekend last weekend driving it around and I was escorted to work and back in it. Even though it still needs some work, it sounds great and it's funny to see heads turn when you're coming by. Speedy good fun, classic.

Summer break is here! After suffering through an extended school year last year and the shortest summer ever, the kids are so happy to be done till August. I'm glad I at least get a reprieve from the 6:45 daily wake up calls! So far, two of them have been grounded from their bikes, I've confiscated one video game, and getting a certain lazy boy dressed daily has been a chore. No matter though as long as their are warm days, swimming pools and Creamies in hand, nothing will damper their spirits! ;0)

I'll stay busy and outta trouble for the time being and watch my kids grow before my eyes Among the Lambsfold. ;0)