Friday, November 13, 2009

Sorting and packing has its perks!

Lee and his band-mates during a tour (Lee is the one high up on the rock!)
Lee after being on stage while still in High School, spinning his sticks...
On stage with the same band as the first pic (Lee is behind the drums, of course!)
Another pic of Lee while still in High School, love the great 70's hair!

Okay, what can I say? Packing and moving is never fun, but finding treasures in albums and boxes is fun!=0) Lee found a few old pics of himself and I snatched them long enough to scan them! I love the great 3 Dog Night look Lee has with the band he was touring with (circa early 80's), it makes me laugh that he ever really looked like that, it's great! Babycakes, you are the best in any era!=0)
I know you're thinking...what happened to the final house pictures? Well, I've been a bit distracted with moving so I haven't taken final pictures, but I promise they are coming! The goal is to be completely moved by Thanksgiving, so seeing as though we only have a couple of weekends left...we'd better get moving!=0)

Monday, November 2, 2009


The Dominos Pizza delivery boy, a princess, and a pirate....
Okay, so you have to have Southern Utah roots to...
....fully understand this costume!=0)
Puppy joined the fun as well! =0)

Well, we seemed to be able to squish a few hours of Halloween fun into our busy working/moving schedule! Now who says this is just a kids holiday? Lee and I generally dress up as well...just for the fun of it! =0)
Drake asked to be Uncle Sterling for Halloween last year and okay my brother isn't a super hero or anything so, I had to think of a costume that would work! Sterling works for Dominos and so, the Dominos Pizza delivery costume was born! What an easy and inexpensive costume to make! I purchased a plain blue t-shirt from Wal-Mart for three dollars (clearance) and a blue hat (also, three dollars on clearance) and we had some plain pizza boxes that we were getting rid of at work. I just googled Dominos logo images and printed out a picture that I copied with red and white paint pens onto the shirt. The hat had a logo on it, so I took a blue iron on knee patch and ironed it over the logo and then drew the logo with paint pens. I was also able to get an image of a Dominos pizza box that I copied the print on to the plain pizza box with red and blue sharpies. The costume was a hit both this year and last year...not to bad for just a few bucks!=0)
I also made Adree's costume or the majority of it anyway! I bought a tank top ($5 for a package of two) and took some scrap material I had (red underneath and a purple sheer fabric for the top of the skirt, as well as the sleeves) and attached a skirt to the bottom of the tank and sleeves. I embellished it with ribbon, sewed on jewels and bows to make it froofy...and voila! instant princess dress! Lagoon had it's gift shop up at the front gates full of Halloween items and that's where I got the princess hat (Seth's pirate hat as well...) for just $6, so her costume was pretty cheap too! =0)
Seth's pirate accessories were all from the dollar store and I bought him a red striped shirt ($5 thank you again Wal-Mart!) and a pair of sweats ($3.50 I believe) that I cut the ends off of and frayed and the bandanna was a dollar at Wally World as well! Aside from the great hat I picked up at Lagoon, his costume was under ten bucks as well!=0)
I bought a pair of thick black tights for my Polyg costume and scarily had everything else in my closet! The denim dress is actually a long jacket, it buttons down the middle but only to the knee. I quickly basted closed the bottom of it to look like a dress and buttoned it all the way up, donned the thick black tights and plain K-mart style shoes, borrowed one of Adree's baby dolls and I was the real deal! Ha! Well, minus the whole spiritual marriage thing and being the fifth wife of some ancient old codger after being married off at 16...I teased the front of my hair up as high as my bangs would allow and French braided the back and thoroughly coated the entire "do" with a good coat of extra strong hair-spray, I really got some strange looks...I looked a little too real!
Bart-Man was supposed to be a Polyg as well, but got distracted by the Bart Simpson Mask that tumbled out of the closet and hit him in the head! I was Bart a couple of years ago and that silly mask makes you mostly blind and partially deaf! Lee was a great hit amongst the Trick-or-Treaters, but had to be led around so he didn't get left behind and he tripped over each one of the kids who continually stopped in front of him no matter how many times I told them not to!
I hope everyone else had a fun Halloween! It was great fun letting the kids Trick-or-Treat around our new neighborhood and I am sooo looking forward to next year and being able to decorate my new house for the season!