Monday, March 30, 2009

Random things...

Why is it that the most random things catch you off guard and give you giggles? Take Drake here, he marches up stairs with a harmonica and announces, "Hey Mom! I can play the harmonica with my nose!" As he breathes in and out the harmonica groans in disgust from having various boogers blown in to it and I laugh out loud!=0) I mean how random was that and why on earth did it make me want to laugh? Its just like anyone playing the trouser trumpet near by, you know as long as it doesn't make your hair curl with sulfuric aroma, you have to chuckle! I mean everyone on the planet does it at some point or another in their lives why is that funny? Then again, my little brother Sterling has told me a few times that, "farting is the joke that never grows old!", indeed. I spent several years clowning for the 4H and developed a few different "talents" during that time. Throwing my voice and puppeteering for example and the latter makes Lee burst out laughing! Every time I pull out a stuffed toy, my hand, or a discarded sock and proceed to interact with him he laughs hysterically until he gives himself the hiccups or wheezes until he has to stop or not breath anymore! Now really why do you think something so random provides one with so much hilarity? Here's to playing harmonicas with your nose and sounding the trouser trumpet, while your hand blows kisses goodnight!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Sorry the pic to this post is really long so, I had to put it further down the page=0)

They look like me?

So, I passed by my fridge this morning and noticed a Kindergarten picture of me that I must have found, stuck to it ( with a whole bunch of others) and decided to go looking for pictures of all of my kids in Kindergarten. Now those of you who are familiar with my family know that it's really hard to be a Johnson and not look like you are a Johnson. I get comments from people everywhere I take my kids with me about which one looks like who. "Oh, your daughter looks just like you!", or "I can see you in Drake's face and eyes." Now, of course I have my opinion and looking at one's kids everyday kinda skews one's reasoning...what do you think?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


So, it seems it has been one of those days today...yes, one of those Monday kind of days. What? You say its not Monday it's really Tuesday? Now don't be fooled, Monday can happen on other days of the week in point...Not that I actually had a "weekend" this week I have had to work everyday since last Monday (except yesterday), did I mention I hate my job? I came back to my really bad job as a gas station clerk (assistant to the assistant, actually) today and as I walk in the door my boss grabs me by the hand and drags me outside to talk to her. Of course my co-workers were taunting me on my way out, "ooh, you're in trouble" and "what did you do this time?", "really?", I asked "I just walked in the door, I didn't have time to do anything yet". As we get outside my boss informs me that she has me working with our new food service manager next week, because he doesn't know what he's doing. This is after I applied for the same position and was passed over (not by my boss, by my boss's boss). It looks like I get to train someone to do the job I am qualified to do (I have worked for the company for 5 years and have done everything....) and apparently get to be happy about it. Thank you recession I could not get another crappy job right now if I wanted it. As if that wasn't bad enough, I went on a bank run and on my way back to the store my car wouldn't shift out of 4th gear and I knew something was up. I was close enough to my store that I could coast most of the way back, that is until I had to stop and the traffic light right by my store and it quit and wouldn't go into gear at all. A quick call to Lee and I hopped out of my car with my flashers on and a someone passing by asked if I needed help. I explained that I was having transmission issues and couldn't get my car into gear. They pulled over to the side and jumped out to help me push it, as well as the person stuck at the light behind me. Thank you to fellows Utahns for being so helpful! Lee called the shop we usually use and they sent a tow truck right away...I'll keep you updated as to whether I had to put the"kwooza" out to pasture! So, as it seems I had Monday off from work and it just followed me to Tuesday instead! Thanks alot!

Monday, March 23, 2009

About the Lambs in the flock

Let me give you a little background on the little Lambs in the family! Drake will be 10 in April and is extremely intelligent. Loves Lego's, video games, the Wimpy kid books and Captain Underpants, and impressing me with his vast vocabulary! He is a one of a kind kid, and has a few quirks, but the family would not be the same without him! Adree is 8 and is an avid reader, domestic queen, and the boss over everyone! She loves cabbage patch dolls, care bears, basically anything that I thought was cool when I was her age, and eighties flourescent fashions! (yes, really!) Strong in strength and will but, empethitc to all! Seth is 6 and a huge Super Mario fan, he is at the the top of his Kindergarten class and knows over 50 sight words. He loves anything Drake thinks is cool including Lego's, video games and comic books. Typical youngest child in thinking he can get away with anything(almost, anyway!) Mommy's boy and instigator all in one!

Among the Lambsfold

So, it's seems I have found a few minutes( all together even!) to sit and create my own blog! There are a lot of family members and friends that I only see on rare occasions, that I would like to share my misadventures and things that my kids (and Lee) are up to in the Lamb family. Take a sec to check it out and enjoy! Jess=0)